Who am I

Hi there! My name is José Miguel Góis, and I’m an enthusiastic Product Designer & 3D Artist, who love the details and put all his heart and effort in the projects I get involved in.
I have 4 years of experience on CGI and 2 years on Furniture Industry. If I had to describe what I like in some words, this would be it:

I Love Design, Drawing, Engineering, Traveling, Astronomy, Literature, Cycling and listening to music are what I am passionate about.

So, that ́s right, that’s a little bit of me!
Having finished a degree in Technology and Product Design at the University of Aveiro in 2009, I am currently pursuing a master in Indus- trial and Product Design at the University of Porto.

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What I do

As a product designer, I love to research and focus on the working details when I sketch up new products.
As a 3D Artist, I love to work on an awesome realistic look to my works.

For any given project, I can do either of these – or both!
This is sometimes seen as a duality, but it definitely works and anyways I love it!

What I am good at

With several years of experience with design, product, and animation and CGI.
3ds Max, Vray, Solidworks, Realflow, Photoshop, Indesign, and even a bit of After Effects, as well as many other software more directly related with production enviroments and technical production.

What can I do for you

Some things that i can help you with.

Project Adjustments according to Clients Needs and Budget Research, Product development and Design Thinking Creative and Technical Solutions
3D Modeling
Interior Design, Furniture
Photorealistic Images and Animations
In-time Delivery Projects

Who I work with

I have worked in companies, but I currently only work as a freelancer. My clients include Product Development Studios, Architects, Furniture Companies and Independent Clients/Projects. I take both local and international projects, I love challenges and I am just trying to get all the experience that I need so I can be better than I was yesterday!

Curious about the work I have already done?

Find it here

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